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Aqua Chi



Aqua Chi - $45 - 35 minutes

A water based energy system, designed to increase energy in living things. You can also think of it as a "human battery charger". Think of you body, when in poor or less than optimum health, as being like a battery running low on charge. With a low charge, nothing will operate well. When you boost the charge back up to full power, everything starts working right.

Who developed it?

The very first machine of this type was created in Australia . One of the creators decided to take the technology to the US market, and the Aqua Chi was created. The manufacturer and creator of the Aqua Chi is Steve Walker of Henning Innovations, in Alabama . The Aqua Chi is made in the US.

What is its purpose?

The Aqua Chi charges the outer layers of the cell (the plasma membrane) and when all the cells of the body receive this extra charge they will be better able to perform all their given tasks. Among that will be more efficient detoxification, and that will happen through the body's regular channels of detoxing (liver, kidney, colon etc) which will be working better after you have been doing the Aqua Chi sessions. A multitude of other benefits may be experienced by the individual user. When you give the body extra energy, it will put it to work where it is most needed, and this is why we see such a broad range of individual responses with the machine.

Is it a pedicure or a foot treatment?

No it treats the whole body. At home you can do the Aqua Chi in a full body bath. You may find that your feet become very soft, and that calluses disappear - but the primary purpose is to give more energy to the whole body.

Once I have the treatment do I suppose to eat differently?

No, but eating a healthy diet is of course the foundation of good health. It is important to drink enough water also - whether you are using the Aqua Chi or not, it is important for the body to be hydrated. There are many different types of cells in the body and they all have a number of things in common. They all need water for hydration and energy to perform their designated tasks. With the depletion of either water OR energy, the cells are deprived and poor health can result.

What makes the water turn colors?

Different waters contain different things. The colors relate to things like minerals, impurities, metal (like iron), pollutants etc. Tap water will respond differently, and even water from the same source can vary from day to day.

Suppose my water doesn't change what doesn't that mean?

Some waters will not turn color. This happens often with well water. You are still getting the energy produced. It does not mean anything one way or another if the water does or does not turn color.

Is it safe?

Yes it is safe. There are some people that should not use it, such as people with a pace maker (or any implanted electronic device), pregnant women, and anyone who has had an organ transplant.
You should only use it for a maximum period of 35 minutes per session, and no more frequently than every other day.

Is it sanitary?

Yes only one person will use the machine at a time. To keep it completely clean between users, you can use a liner in the foot bath that is discarded after each use.

How do you clean it?

After each use you soak the module in 100% CLR for 20 - 30 minutes. Then you rinse well. No implements should be used to clean the module, just let the CLR do the work. (the CLR can be reused over and over, so you use a container with a lid, a 2 quart Rubbermaid works perfectly).